5 Reasons Why Clearwater Beach is the Best Beach

Clearwater Beach is the best beach in Florida – or at least we think so! There are so many reasons why Clearwater Beach is the best, but we thought we’d share our top reasons with you to maybe tempt you to visit.

Not that we need to work very hard to tempt you…just look at this beautiful stretch of sand!

There are tons of fun things to do at Clearwater Beach, too, so it’s not just for getting a tan. In fact, we have several tours from Orlando that go to Clearwater Beach so you can enjoy the array of activities and adventures available. 

Not sure which tour is best for you? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you decide!

1. Clearwater is a Dreamy White Sand Stretch

Is there anything more stereotypically Florida than a huge stretch of soft white sand and lapping azure waves? Nope. This is what Florida dreams are made of!

Day Trip to Clearwater Beach with Seaside Lunch

Strolling along the sand is a wonderful way to get some sun, people-watch, and stretch your legs after a long flight to arrive in paradise.

Often called “sugar-white” for its crystalline effect, this sand is the type you want to scrunch your toes into and feel all the stresses of home and work drift away on the sea breeze.

Or lounge on a beach chair or a towel in the sand. Grab a book or just listen to the sounds of laughter and outdoor fun as the world enjoys this dreamy slice of coastal joy.

2. Clearwater Beach is Perfect for Families

While the beach itself is a beauty, sometimes the little ones can’t quite appreciate that natural wonder. Don’t worry, at Clearwater Beach, the entertainment options abound!

If your kids are active, then get them into the water and building sandcastles. 

The calm sea is perfect for parents to give their growing kids some safe freedom to roam. This is also the only municipality in Florida offering lifeguards and beach grooming all year-round. 

And being on the Gulf side of Florida, the water is also very warm and welcoming throughout the year! 

Need to stretch their legs a bit more? Go for a walk along the pier! The 1,080-foot-long Pier 60 is an iconic part of Clearwater. From the promenade to Sunsets at 60, this is what we all think about when we picture a summer holiday on a Florida beach. 

Enjoy it with the kids, no matter what age.

If that’s not enough fun for the kids, then head to Clearwater Marine Aquarium at Clearwater Beach for fun and education combined.

They can learn more about wildlife in this region, from sea turtles to dolphins and more!

Day Trip for Spring Break with Real Florida Adventures

3. Clearwater Beach is an Awesome Day Trip from Orlando

Located just north of St Pete, visiting Clearwater Beach is super easy from Orlando. Of course, we say it’s super easy because we do it all the time! 

If you’re not from around here and you don’t have a car at your disposal, then there’s a lot more planning involved if you want to get there on your own from Orlando.

To make it easy, you can choose from any of our Clearwater Beach day trips, from transportation-only to a full day of fun adventures and activities. Whatever can make your Florida holiday special, we’re eager to help!

To start planning, check these day tours out:

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4. You Can Become a Pirate for a Day

Whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, talking like a pirate is great fun for everyone! At Clearwater Beach, you can put those skills to the test with Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise from Clearwater Marina.

This two-hour excursion is such a fun adventure for history buff parents as well. Florida was a well-known pirate hangout for centuries, so the stories of treasure and shenanigans are plentiful here!

Pirate Ship and Clearwater Beach Tour, with Lunch

Grab the kids and work on your best pirate voice for a few hours of fun from Clearwater. It’s a great way to entertain and delight them so you can enjoy more sun, sea, and sand as a family.

5. Have a Screamer of a Good Time!

If you’re feeling adventurous, an epic adventure awaits at Clearwater Beach! Step aboard the Sea Screamer, the world’s largest speedboat and an exhilarating way to experience the sea and views of the coastline.

But the best part about the Sea Screamer is that dolphins love to play and leap around in the wake. Have the wind in your face as you race across the water and watch the playful bottlenosed dolphins having just as much fun below!

What do you think? Have these reasons convinced you that Clearwater Beach is the #1 beach? We hope so! Come see for yourself with one of our day trips from Orlando. Or get in touch with any questions about our range of options.

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