Real Florida Adventures Beach Day

We’re All Beachy Keen For Summer!

William Shakespeare said it best: To beach, or not to beach, that is the question. And who are we to argue with the immortal Bard? It should be no surprise to regular readers of the Real Florida Adventures blog that we view things highly seasonally here in Central Florida, and one of our key times […]

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Crystal River Manatee Adventure

Real Florida Adventures: Explore Crystal River Manatees

Do you feel it yet? That New Year vibe, full of potential and promise for a thrilling 12 months ahead?   We do, and we couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of our first full year as Real Florida Adventures. We may have been founded in 2020, but we are very much a company […]

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Snowman enjoying holidays in central florida

Why You Should Visit Central Florida During the Holidays

  So, you’re heading to Central Florida for the Holiday period? Good choice. There simply is nowhere better at this time of year, as the Orlando area puts on a special level of finery and enchantment throughout December and the New Year.   This is when you can truly revel in a proper family break […]

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Real Florida Adventures

Welcome to a new frontier in exciting Florida excursions, with a tour company that says everything you need to know right up front in our name. Real. Florida. Adventures. First of all, we promise that any tour with us will be as authentic and inspiring as it gets. We’ll show you the real Sunshine State, […]

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