Clearwater Beach – Choose the Best Florida Beach Holiday for You!

Discover the best Clearwater Beach tour and experience for you here at Real Florida Adventures. Pirate ships, deep-sea fishing, speedboats & more!

Fun in the sun in the Sunshine State

Clearwater Beach is consistently voted ‘America’s No.1 Beach’, and it’s easy to see why. As all the greatest trips begin in your imagination, take a moment to picture the first second you step out onto the soft golden sands or tiptoe into the gently lapping Floridian waters.

This beach more than deserves its reputation as it offers the quintessential Florida beach holiday experience with a whole bunch of fun activities and adventures nearby.

Finding the Right Clearwater Beach Trip for You

Here at Real Florida Adventures, we create Clearwater Beach day trips for people staying in Orlando. We take you in our comfortable buses (all deep cleaned every day) and we include a range of different fun activities to suit different kinds of people.

Fancy yourself a modern-day Ernest Hemingway? Then head out deep-sea fishing in the rich waters near Clearwater Beach.

Have a young family looking for a fun afternoon? Get out on the pirate ship cruise for a marvelous mixture of games, food, and refreshments.

There’s so much to do at Clearwater Beach that we’d like to make it easier for you to find your ideal day on Florida’s best beach. This is why we have collated and curated our Clearwater experiences, all taken from ourwider range of Tours in Orlando and from Orlando.

Find your dream Clearwater Beach experience below, and if you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like more in-depth guides and advice on what you can do at Clearwater Beach, sign up for our email series.

Day Trip to Clearwater Beach with Seaside Lunch

Sometimes the sweet and simple plans are the best! This day trip to Clearwater Beach from Orlando takes any planning or worrying off the table. We pick you up from Orlando, bring you to Clearwater Beach, and then take you home at the end of the day. This package also comes with a delicious seaside lunch!

Clearwater Beach and Sea Screamer, with Lunch

If you like your day trips with just as much thrill as chill, then you’ll love this Clearwater Beach + Sea Screamer experience. Transport to and from Orlando is included, as is a tasty lunch. But the big twist is a ride on the world’s biggest speedboat. Blast along the waters of Clearwater Beach on the famous Sea Screamer, watching out behind the boat as dolphins love to give chase jumping over the boat’s wake!

Clearwater Beach and Marine Aquarium, with Lunch

Combine Clearwater Beach shenanigans with a fascinating trip to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This aquarium is a working hospital, so its inhabitants change regularly, but you can guarantee that you’ll see a rich array of local Floridian marine wildlife. This is the perfect way to entertain yourself between chilling on the beach and enjoying a seaside lunch.

Pirate Ship and Clearwater Beach Tour, with Lunch

If you have a young family and you’re looking for a fun experience to break up your time at Clearwater Beach, then this trip is perfect for you. Step aboard Captain Memo’s pirate ship for a swashbuckling cruise. Don’t worry – no one will be forced to walk the plank! Instead, we’ll show you the true fun way to have a pirate experience! This package also includes transport to and from the beach, and a delicious lunch.

Clearwater Beach & Deep-Sea Fishing Tour, with Lunch

Step aside Ernest Hemingway, we heard you’ve got what it takes to catch a truly legendary fish… This trip is perfect if you fancy visiting the beach to relax but also want to enjoy a bracing 4-hour deep-sea fishing adventure in Florida’s famous waters. This experience also comes with transport and a delicious lunch.

Transport from Orlando to Clearwater Beach

Perhaps you’d like to keep things really simple by relying on Real Florida Adventures just for transport to and from Clearwater Beach? We’ve got you covered with this transport-only service. Get to Clearwater Beach without any planning. Zero worries. Maximum fun.

Private Clearwater Beach Experience, with Lunch

Our private Clearwater Beach Experience gives private groups the chance to enjoy a more personalized day trip from Orlando. You will have the bus all to yourself and will be transported to Clearwater Beach and any of the additional activities you’d like to add on. Just keep in mind that the experiences themselves often aren’t private.

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