Here’s To March Gladness!

If it’s warm, dry and exciting, it must be Orlando in March. It’s a simple recipe for destination recreation, but we like it all the same. And we know that feeling is shared by roughly 10 million “friends” who tend to visit at this time of year!

Yes, March—and Spring Break—mark the start of big things here in Theme Park Central as our intensity goes all the way to 11 after the slight lull in proceedings that typically takes place in January and February.

Everything ramps up for this big influx of visitors, providing even more of what Orlando does best – vacation satisfaction.

Spring Break in Orlando

Of course, Spring Break is a big deal everywhere in the country, but nowhere in the good ol’ US of A celebrates this annual festivity quite like Florida does.

We don’t like to boast, but the weather is well-nigh perfect—averaging around 79F, with barely a sprinkle of rain and low, low humidity.

And the region’s many attractions are all in full-on ‘Go!’ mode for the next six weeks or so.

And, while there is always the feeling that our region excels at providing an authentic warm welcome at any time of the year, it genuinely feels like things go up a gear or two as the calendar clicks over to March.

What to Do in Orlando in March

Just to start with, all our theme parks are fully in ‘Festival’ mode at this time of year.

Walt Disney World’s Epcot park debuts its yearly highlight of the International Flower & Garden Festival from March 2.

Universal Studios is in the middle of its big Mardi Gras celebration.

SeaWorld presents the fun and vivacity of its Seven Seas Food Festival.

And, not to be left out, the Kennedy Space Center is unveiling a brand new attraction, Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex.

The #1 Kennedy Space Center Tour

Those who revel in all the fun of some Irish March merriment will be delighted to know that Orlando especially relishes the chance to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in style.

You will find a wide array of places to enjoy the occasion, notably with a whole week’s festivities at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant at Disney Springs, where their Mighty St. Patrick’s Festival will be in full swing from March 11-17.

Oh, and for the growing band of soccer fans, the Major League Soccer season is back in action this month! That means our Orlando City Lions are ready and willing to keep the sporting excitement going!

It is a veritable cornucopia of action and excitement, and the advent of the Spring Break period allows us to put many of our tours front and center, too.

It’s the Perfect Time to Visit Kennedy Space Center

Having mentioned the Kennedy Space Center’s forthcoming new exhibit, we would be remiss if we didn’t flag up our array of opportunities to soak up the magnificently modern experience that is the home of One Small Step For Man.

Multiple offerings range from a ticket-only choice to our Chat with an Astronaut that goes deep into the history and heritage of the Space Center in an intimate setting with a real-life astronaut.

We are firmly of the opinion that the KSC is one of Florida’s most vital and compelling attractions.

And, when you add in the extra element of a record number of rocket launches this year, its appeal is absolutely undeniable.

Kennedy Space Center & Airboat Ride

Head to the Beach!

However, for all the fun that the theme parks and other headline attractions represent, we are well aware that many of our visitors this month have an extra element they’re keen to explore—the beach.

The advent of Spring and the rise in temperature make the perfect combo for wanting to kick off the traces of winter elsewhere with a chance to appreciate the sun and sand of Florida’s many glittering beachfront locations.

This is exactly why our Number One tour in March is the classic Clearwater Trip with Seaside Lunch. It’s an unqualified can’t-miss opportunity to put colder climes firmly in the rear-view mirror and soak up the glory of one of America’s most celebrated beaches.

Clearwater Beach—just 90 miles west of Orlando—is regularly feted as a top choice.

You’ll love its family-friendly dimensions and charms, and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are typically at their calmest at this time of year.

It represents an absolute seaside fiesta for parents and couples alike, especially as this happening destination offers a collection of additional attractions.

Check out the Sea Screamer power-boat, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Pirate Ship cruise and Deep-Sea Fishing, all of which we can combine with that blissful beach day.

This, ultimately, is the quintessential Florida experience and one that’s a five-star hit with our customers time after time.

Even better, we have an exclusive Private Tour that features Clearwater Beach and Lunch that provides door-to-door service and guarantees your own personal transport for just you and your group on the drive to the coast.

But, however you enjoy Orlando and its many attendant attractions at this time of year, you can be sure that your outdoor adventures will be memorable and the glorious Sunshine State vibe will follow you everywhere.

You just need to be here…!

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