Planning the Ultimate Florida Family Vacation

Are you visiting Florida this year with the family, but aren’t sure where to begin planning? No problem! Our latest blog gives you some tips and tricks to make sure your vacation goes swimmingly, from accommodation to adventures.

You’re probably already an expert at planning vacations, but it never hurts to have a virtual checklist! While there’s no ‘perfect’ or ‘best’ way to chart your trip, we offer some advice that’s helped us before. 

At Real Florida Adventures, we have over 40 years of experience in sharing the Sunshine State with visitors and locals alike. Whether you’ve visited as a family before or are coming for the first time, we ensure to show you the best of our hometown on our Tours from and in Orlando.

If you want to visit iconic Florida attractions, like the Kennedy Space Center or Clearwater Beach, we’ll arrange everything from transportation to entry tickets to make things as easy as possible. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the entertainment! Get in touch for more info.

But for now, let’s look at the dos and don’ts of travel planning before your next vacation. You could also visit our blog on the 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations in Florida for a deeper dive into the state’s attractions.

1. Decide on a Budget for Your Family’s Florida Vacation

The most important part of any vacation planning is budgeting. Deciding how much to spend on each part of your trip, from accommodation to plane tickets, is a key decision that will shape the months running up to take off.

Keep in mind that school breaks may drive up prices but, when you arrive, many restaurants and attractions offer reduced prices for the younger travelers in your family! Using cashback sites when purchasing flights and hotels is also a great way to get your money to work for you. 

2. Pick a Location for Your Family’s Florida Vacation

Once you’ve settled on your budget, now is the time to choose exactly where you want to go! This is the fun part, as Florida has many exciting cities to stay in on your family vacation. Will you choose the capital of Tallahassee, artsy St. Petersburg, vibrant Orlando, or elsewhere?

Each city has its pros and cons depending on what you’re looking for. Orlando, for example, is home to more than a dozen theme parks! But if you prefer your activities a little slower paced, Clearwater offers a balance of activities and relaxing beach days.

Here are some other important factors when choosing your vacation location:

  • Proximity to the attractions you want to visit
  • Accessibility — does the hotel have ramps for strollers or wheelchairs? 
  • Transportation — will you hire a car for your trip or book tours?  
  • Are there plenty of activities for the family?
  • What type of holiday would you like? E.g., a relaxing beach holiday or city break.

You’re welcome to pick our brains about the best town to stay in on your vacation. We also have a blog on the difference between Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete, so you can pick the best city for your stay.

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3. Book Accommodation for Your Family’s Florida Vacation

You will know best what type of accommodation suits you and your family, so we won’t tell you where to choose! Some things to think about are whether you want a hotel or a private house and, if the former, whether you want to opt for add-ons like breakfast and dinner.

If you prefer cooking your own meals and want a quieter environment with a private pool, a private home may be a good option. But if you want the option for a parents-only night, hotels offer babysitting services and kids’ clubs. 

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4. Choose Activities for Your Family’s Florida Vacation

Once you’ve chosen your accommodation, the real fun begins. Florida is a hub of entertainment and you’ll probably struggle to fit all the fun into your vacation! A must-see spot for any family is Walt Disney World in Orlando, but if your kids aren’t the biggest Mickey fans, this city has plenty of other theme parks to choose from.

If you want even more attractions to choose from, take a look at our blog 25 of the Best Florida Day Trips for some more inspiration. From wildlife and sports to beaches and entertainment, there’s something for every member of the family here. 

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5. Take a Day Trip on Your Family’s Florida Vacation

While there are plenty of city-based activities if you stay in St. Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, or Fort Lauderdale, you may want to consider a day trip for a special adventure during your family vacation to Florida. 

Whatever kinds of activities you and your family enjoy, there are plenty to choose from! Real Florida Adventures offers day trips from and to Orlando destinations, including landmarks like Clearwater Beach and the Florida Everglades.

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If there is a particular spot you’d like to enjoy on a day trip with the family, consider our private tours of Florida. Each of our tours is price-matched guaranteed, meaning if you find a lower price than us, we’ll match it without question and you’ll receive some additional bonuses for booking direct!

We hope our brief guide to planning the ultimate Florida family vacation has given you some food for thought. From beach holidays to city breaks, planning and budgeting always helps avoid any nasty surprises and leave room to save for something special, like a day trip.

At Real Florida Adventures, we know how important family vacations are and we’d love to be part of making yours great on our day trips from and to Orlando. If you’re thinking about making your plans concrete, get in touch with us and we’ll start planning together.

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