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View of tropical Key West with palm trees lining the beach
Florida is a paradise for watersports lovers, from scuba diving to snorkelling to paddleboarding and more. With coastlines stretching for 1,350 miles, many rivers and natural springs, there are plenty of great places for snorkelling in Florida.  Snorkelling is fun, accessible, and doesn’t require any specialist, expensive gear. All you really need is a snorkel...
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Spanish-style architecture in St Augustine Florida
Looking for the best vacation destinations in Florida? You’re in luck! At Real Florida Adventures, we are seriously passionate about this Sunshine State and all its amazing attractions and destinations. Sharing our favourite spots with visitors is our job, and we’re so lucky to call this “work”! From our base here in Orlando, we get...
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Disney’s 50th Anniversary Highlights an Orlando Fall Bonanza
Fifty years ago, a certain Mouse opened the doors to a whole new resort experience in Central Florida, and things have never been the same.
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