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At Real Florida Adventures, we have a passion for all things Florida! That’s why we have such a wide range of exciting Florida tours to choose from!

We’ve used our expertise to create destination guides for some of Florida’s essential experiences.

In our Complete Guide to the Kennedy Space Center, you will find everything you need to know about KSC and visiting this world-famous destination. This guide is the perfect way to start preparing for your own #1 Kennedy Space Center tour.

Do you want the perfect Florida beach experience? We think you’ll love reading our Complete Guide to Clearwater Beach. This picturesque place has been voted the best beach in America on numerous occasions. Find out why on one of our Clearwater Beach tours!

Are you looking for an immersive, unforgettable wildlife experience when you visit Florida? Our Complete Guide to the Crystal River Manatees is an introduction to exactly that!

This guide is packed with helpful information for anyone who wants to book manatee snorkeling at Crystal River.

Browse our Florida destination guides below. If any questions come to mind as you read, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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