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5 Best Florida Weekend Getaways with Kids

Florida is soaked in sun all year round. We’re not called the Sunshine State for nothing! With beautiful weather and an endless list of fun activities to dive...
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What Is the Best Time of the Year to Go to Disney World, Orlando? 

Disney World in Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason! Families flock from all over the world to experience...
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Planning Your 2024 Trip to Florida

Already dreaming of your 2024 vacation? Join Real Florida Adventures to discover why the Sunshine State should be at the top of your destination list.
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Is Orlando, Florida the Tourist Capital of the World?

Is Orlando, Florida the tourist capital of the world? Read this Real Florida Adventures guide and find out why our city is a hotspot for global travel.
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Tips for Snorkelling with Manatees in Crystal River, Florida

Are you looking for tips for snorkelling with manatees in Crystal River, Florida? Read this Real Florida Adventures guide and start planning your trip!
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Disney’s 50th Anniversary Highlights an Orlando Fall Bonanza

What are the Best Things to Do in Orlando, Florida?

What are the best things to do in Orlando, Florida? Make the most of your time in the Sunshine State by reading this Real Adventures Florida guide.
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5 Must-Visit Shopping Locations in Clearwater 

Are you looking for the ultimate shopping destination in Clearwater Beach? Read Real Florida Adventures' blog to find 5 top places to shop in Clearwater.
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Rock-Tober and Embracing Florida’s Fall Season

As we bid farewell to September and step into October, an unmistakable sense of excitement is in the air — fall has arrived. Here in Florida, we often...
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7 Travel Tips for a Family Holiday in Florida

Read Real Florida Adventures’ 7 travel tips for a family holiday in Florida. Plan the kind of trip to the Sunshine State that you’ve always dreamed of!
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