8 Great Places for Snorkelling in Florida

Florida is a paradise for watersports lovers, from scuba diving to snorkelling to paddleboarding and more. With coastlines stretching for 1,350 miles, many rivers and natural springs, there are plenty of great places for snorkelling in Florida. 

Snorkelling is fun, accessible, and doesn’t require any specialist, expensive gear. All you really need is a snorkel and mask! It can be a great way to explore a place both above and below the surface. 

With so many amazing spots where you can go snorkelling, Florida should be your first, best choice! We’ll share our favourite spots with you so you can plan your visit to see even more of our home state. Got any questions about your upcoming Florida trip? Get in touch about our tours from Orlando!

Best Places for Snorkelling in Florida

Crystal River

Crystal River is a small town located in central Florida, which makes it a great day trip from Orlando!

Here, you will find the Three Sisters Spring, which is home to over 300 manatees. Between January and March, the water is clear and perfect for viewing these gentle giants below the surface.

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Beyond seeing them, Crystal River is the only place in the entire United States where it’s legal to swim with manatees.

Please always remember that you’re a guest in their home, so always show respect to these beautiful giants. Give them space – after all, they can weigh over 1,000 pounds! But, of course, you can have loads of fun swimming with them.

Come and enjoy our Manatee Snorkelling at Crystal River tour from Orlando – it’s a REAL Florida adventure!

Key West

View of tropical Key West with palm trees lining the beach

Known for its vibrant atmosphere, delicious pies and beautiful sunsets, Key West is an excellent place to go snorkelling in Florida.

You won’t see much from the shore, but once you are underwater, you enter a whole new world. 

The waters around Key West offer the chance to swim alongside a variety of sea species from dolphins and turtles to eels and jellyfish. 

Travel further into the waters surrounding Key West and you will be greeted by a floor of coral reefs and rock formations. The underwater views are amazing!

Bahia Honda State Park

Located in the Florida Keys, Bahia Honda is considered a hidden gem. This amazing 500-acre state park is perfect for outdoor activities in Florida. 

Most visitors overlook this uninhabited island on their way to Key West, but we strongly recommend you to visit and connect with nature and history.

The best spot to snorkel in Bahia Honda is at the Looe Key Marine Sanctuary, named after a shipwreck. 

You can see over 50 species of coral reefs and 150 species of fish.

You don’t want to miss a chance to admire the island’s birds, plants, and coral species while snorkelling. Look for staghorn coral and fish species including barracuda; you’ll also enjoy stunning palm-lined beaches, crystal clear waters and those iconic Florida sunsets.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Located 70 miles west of Key West, Dry Tortugas is a remote group of islands that make up the Dry Tortugas National Park. 

They are only accessible by boat or seaplane, but amazing crystal clear underwater views of the marine life are worth the journey!

The second-largest island in the Tortugas, Garden Key, offers a peaceful setting and some of the best snorkelling in the Sunshine State. 

It’s also the site of historic Fort Jefferson, so you can enjoy learning a bit of local history after exploring under the surface!

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Home to stunning marine creatures, colourful coral reefs and America’s first historic undersea park, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park stretches over 25 miles in Key Largo and is a must-see for any snorkelling enthusiast. 

The most popular snorkelling spot in John Pennekamp State Park is at Cannon Beach, where you can see the remains of shipwrecks and admire its rich marine life. 

Christ of the Abyss sculpture, sunk about 20 feet deep, is also worth checking out.

Another great option for snorkelling in John Pennekamp park is The Banana Reef with its beautiful sea creatures like parrotfish, as well as barracuda, and you can see lots of brain coral, too.

Devil’s Den, Williston

Devil’s Den in Williston is a prehistoric underground spring, created after the subterranean roof collapsed.

This privately-owned site is one of many unique snorkelling spots Florida has to offer.

The clear water gives you the chance to observe many species of fish and even turtles! 

That isn’t all this spring has to offer, with water temperatures maintaining at 22°C all year round, Devil’s Den is a perfect destination for a winter escape.

Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park, located in the west of Orange City, Florida, offers views of wild forests and lush vegetation alongside many snorkelling options. 

The spring is also home to manatees in the winter. However, they are under the protection of the state park and swimming with the manatees is prohibited here. 

If you want to swim with these wonderful creatures, head to Crystal River and check out our Manatee Snorkelling Adventure.

Destin Area

Destin State Park in The Emerald Coast is known for its bright emerald waters and white-sand beaches. 

Offering a range of locations, visitors to the park can experience off-beach and off-shore snorkelling.

Henderson Beach State Park has white sand dunes and a mile of unspoiled and crowd-free shoreline, where you can explore the limpid Gulf waters. 

Another amazing snorkelling spot is Norriego Point – a small peninsula of soft white sand and rich marine life with plenty of fish. 

Florida is famous for its varied, vibrant cities with delicious food and a rich party scene. But it also makes for a perfect, hot, sunny escape for a beach and snorkelling holiday! 

If you’re passionate about seeing stunning wildlife and natural beauty, then you’ll love our Sunshine State! Everyone will find something for themselves to enjoy. 

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