The Best Day Trips from Orlando, Florida

Looking for the best day trips from Orlando? Planning a Florida vacation should be a fun and joyful process of choosing the right adventures for you and your group. With Disney World, Orlando Studios, an endless number of fun tours, and gorgeous beaches to enjoy, the abundance of choice can make planning activities a little overwhelming at times. 

Of course, we know, your inner child is bursting with excitement! 

To keep your inner child happy and your children, too, we have compiled a list of activities for the whole family, outlining what we believe to be the best day trips from Orlando, Florida. 

If we inspire you to explore Florida with us, check out our day tours from Orlando, and feel free to get in touch with any questions about our fun offers!

The Best Day Tours from Orlando

Clearwater Beach moody skies

The Sea Screamer Speedboat at Clearwater Beach

First on our list, we have an experience you won’t get anywhere else in the world: the Sea Screamer Clearwater Beach Speedboat Tour

With a staggering length of 72ft, the Sea Screamer is the largest speedboat in the world and it travels at an incredible speed of 35mph.

As you experience the thrill of speed on the water, you will likely be accompanied by dolphins! These friendly, intelligent creatures are wonderful to watch in their natural habitat. 

With pick-up at 3 locations in Orlando, free lunch at a beautiful marina-side restaurant, and the chance to travel beside dolphins, this is the perfect day trip from Orlando to kick off or end your Florida holiday. 

The Pirate Ship at Clearwater Beach

Next on our list, we have a fun pirate ship tour paired with a day at Clearwater Beach! All of your childhood dreams of being a pirate can come true on this day tour from Orlando. The children will also love it, of course… we can’t forget about them! 

Upon boarding the pirate ship, you will have the option of different beverages — juices for the younger pirates and beer and wine for the more experienced sea dogs. 

The two-hour adventure will take you past Disney and the Kissimmee area, and comes with a variety of activities such as a treasure hunt, face painting, water guns, and dancing! 

As with the previous tour, free lunch is available at a bayside restaurant, and pick up from one of three locations in Orlando is available.

Grab your eyepatch and sword, swimwear, towels, and of course sunscreen to protect you from the beautiful Florida sun. Then hop aboard the pirate ship! Read more about our Clearwater Beach and Pirate Ship Tour.

Venture into the Wild with a Real Wild Florida Tour 

Step away from the ocean and into the wild with our Real Wild Florida Tour! You don’t truly know the spirit of a place until you spend a little time with its wildlife. This is why we created this incredible wildlife experience.

It isn’t every day you get the opportunity to have giraffes and ostriches walking beside you as you drive, yet that is exactly what this tour offers!  

With the opportunity to feed giraffes and alligators, over 100 species of native and exotic animals to see, free BBQ lunch baskets, and so much more, this day trip from Orlando has a lot to offer.

Go Deep-Sea Fishing at Clearwater Beach

Normally when we go on holiday, we sign off from all of the mundane tasks of our lives back home…especially cooking!

However, if you want a break from dining out and fresh seafood is on your mind, why not catch your own with our Clearwater Beach and Deep-Sea Fishing Tour

The Gulf of Mexico has plenty of fish to offer, such as sea bass, red snapper, and cobia — all of which can be prepared in numerous delicious recipes.

Clearwater Beach pier in early morning light

The team aboard the Super Queen fishing boat is highly professional, with safety and instruction to the highest standards. So this tour is perfect for beginners! Don’t let lack of experience put you off.

For a small fee, a member of the team can clean your catch for you, so all you need to do is take it back to your vacation rental and cook! 

Don’t worry if you don’t catch anything – lunch is included on this tour!

Jet off into Space on The #1 Kennedy Space Center Tour

From the founding of NASA in 1958 to many space travels, if there is one country that can bring space to Earth, it is America. And the #1 Kennedy Center Tour does just that! 

Rocket Launch

This day tour from Orlando has a lot to offer, including visiting the Heroes and Legends Center, where you will see the greatest U.S astronauts in the Hall of Fame. 

You will also be able to experience what it is like to jet off into space by taking a ride on the Shuttle Launch Simulator in the main Visitor Complex. 

There’s also the unforgettable Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit and you can see the legendary Saturn V rocket, ticking off many items on your astronomic bucket list!

We don’t want to give too much away, but this is too exciting to keep to ourselves. The center is also home to a Rocket Garden where you will get to see seven real-life rockets! We promise, they are a lot larger in real life than they are on the screen. 

It’s undeniable that Florida is one of the best places to vacation. With so many tours, events, and adventures to be had, you’ll want to carefully plan your holiday. Adding in some of these popular day trips from Orlando provides a true, real Florida adventure! It could be just a few clicks away – get started with our day tours from Orlando or get in touch for input and advice.

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