What is Clearwater, Florida Known For?

The city of Clearwater is a crowning jewel in the glorious Tampa Bay Area of Florida. Walking along the white sand beaches overlooking the emerald waters makes every day feels like summer in this bustling destination. With plenty of marine life and green spaces, Clearwater is a vibrant hub of activities.

Whether you prefer exhilarating water sports or a relaxing restaurant experience, this sandy spot has something for everyone. As well as fantastic beach days, you can explore the waves on our thrilling boat trips, including the Sea Screamer Speed Boat Tour or Deep Sea Fishing.  

At Real Florida Adventures, our aim is to share the best of our town with visitors on tours that are knowledgeable, personable, and adventurous. Our experienced team originates from all over the States but was drawn to the year-round sunshine of Clearwater.

So if you’re looking to explore the Sunshine State, get in touch! Our team would love to help bring your Floridian fantasies to life. But, for now, let’s take a look at what Clearwater, Florida has to offer!

Clearwater is Famous for its Clear Waters

Instantly recognisable for its white sands and dazzling waters, Clearwater Beach is 4km of bliss. Located along the marina, tourists can wander the artisan stalls before unwinding at the beach. Great for families and solo travellers, the beach is ideal for sandcastles or relaxing with a beer. 

If you’re only in Clearwater for a short time and want to see the highlights, we recommend our Clearwater Trip with Seaside Lunch Tour. Squeeze in all of the sea and sand and, best of all, you can taste the ocean’s catch of the day at a beautiful scenic restaurant.

Day Trip to Clearwater Beach with Seaside Lunch

The Magical Marine Life of Clearwater is Beautiful

Clearwater, Florida is packed with beautiful creatures roaming in the sea and those enclosed as part of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium rehabilitation program. Visitors to this working animal hospital can see sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, and even sharks. 

Our Clearwater Marine Aquarium & Beach Trip not only includes lunch, a guided tour, and transportation, but a meeting with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. The center cares for creatures who are not able to be released back into the wild, so show these mirthful mammals some love at the Aquarium.

Pier 60 is a Perfect Dining Spot in Clearwater

This 1,080-foot fishing pier is one of Clearwater’s most popular destinations. It reaches into the Gulf of Mexico and is a popular spot for family activities and fishing. Between the park, trampolines, and playgrounds, kids have plenty of ways to enjoy Clearwater.

The panoramic sunsets from Pier 60 are breathtaking. In the run-up to sundown, the nightly Sunset Celebration is a buzzing market of more than 30 local vendors offering watercolors and handicrafts. The pier’s buskers complement the natural soundtrack of the sea lapping against the shore. 

Clearwater’s Boat Scene is Beyond Cool

If there’s one thing Clearwater does best, it’s boats. The marina is the center of several boat-based activities. If you’re angling to angle, try our Deep Sea Fishing Tour where you could catch barracuda, blue marlin, and tuna, plus you can take your catch home to grill! Delicious. 

For families, we recommend the Pirate Ship Clearwater Beach Tour. This two-hour tour blends history and onboard activities into a swashbuckling adventure, including treasure hunting, face painting, and storytelling. But don’t worry, no one will be made to walk the plank!

Clearwater Beach & Deep-Sea Fishing Tour, with Lunch

The Parks in Clearwater are Perfect for Exploring

Aside from the natural wonders of the deep, Clearwater is full of places to explore on land. Ideal for light treks or a more serious hike, the verdant parks of Clearwater make great picnic spots if you want a break from the beach. 

Our favourite is Moccasin Lake Nature Park. Stretching across 50km of parkland, this spot is ideal for hikers and bird-watchers. Moccasin’s diverse ecosystem includes creeks and ponds where lucky visitors can see racoons, turtles, and gophers!

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As you can see, Clearwater has some of the most beautiful spots in Florida. If you’re travelling as a family, with friends or a partner, or alone, there is plenty to keep you entertained. Between the bars and buskers by night and the deep sea boat rides and marine life by day, there’s tons to do.

However you’d like to explore, we’ve got the tour for you. If you’re ready to have some Florida fun, get in touch with our team. However you would like to explore Clearwater, Florida, let Real Florida Adventures help bring your palm tree paradise visions to life. 

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