Get Ready For A New Year, Orlando Style!

It’s time for a New Year and a whole new 12 months of Real Florida Adventures. And, in keeping with Orlando’s reputation for always offering something new, there is a LOT in store for visitors to our wonderful destination in 2024.

So, looking ahead as the calendar rolls around to January once more, we can definitely see an exciting landscape in prospect, with a dazzling array of forthcoming new attractions for our theme parks and other unique experiences. When you’ve finished here, browse our full range of Florida tours in and from Orlando for more insights into the adventures waiting for you here in the Sunshine State.

For now, though, let’s focus on what 2024 has in store! If any questions come to mind as you read, please just contact us for the answers you need.

New Attractions at Disney World in 2024

Disney’s 50th Anniversary Highlights an Orlando Fall Bonanza

The biggest new attraction at Disney World in 2024 is Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. First announced in 2020, this ride isn’t entirely new, but rather a huge reimagining of the now-closed Splash Mountain. However, this means that the much-loved, (nearly) 50-foot splashdown will remain! But the music, technology, and theming has been overhauled to give Tiana from The Princess and the Frog her first attraction.

There’s also a new Little Mermaid show to look forward to! Since the park reopened in 2020, the Hollywood Studios has remained closed. But the good news is that a reimagined version of the previous Voyage of The Little Mermaid will be replaced by The Little Mermaid — A Musical Adventure in fall 2024.

And there’s so much more, including:

  • New songs for the Country Bears Jamboree
  • A Zootopia-themed attraction for Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • New characters and stories for the Star Tours attraction
  • The completion of Epcot’s long transformation
  • Epcot’s Journey of Water, inspired by Moana, opened in late 2023, so will still be new to most!

Read our blog What is the Best Time of the Year to Go to Disney World, Orlando? to find out more about planning your trip!

Exciting Updates at SeaWorld +Aquatica in 2024

In 2024, SeaWorld unveils Penguin Trek, a new family launch coaster that takes you on a breathtaking adventure through Antarctica. Hop aboard a snowmobile and race through the vast wilderness with your expedition team at speeds of up to 43 mph!

And at neighbouring Aquatica, the new star of the show in 2024 is Tassie’s Underwater Twist, an immersive, 129-foot-long slide complete with a synchronized video display. The projections, along with an orchestral score, create a fun and vivid underwater world.

Other new additions include Pipeline: The Surfer Coaster, Tiki’s Kid Cove, and the addition of 1,000 new shaded loungers!

Even More Orlando Fun in 2024!

Experience everything Florida has to offer with our guided local tours and excursions.

In spring 2024, the Orlando Science Center will unveil its new exhibit, “Life”. Here, you can explore three diverse habitats — ocean, swamp, and tropical rainforest — and connect with around 300 animals from all over the world. Designed to educate, entertain, and amaze, this experience focuses on how humans impact the environment.

Las Vegas’ themed entertainment district AREA15 opens a second location in Orlando, Florida in 2024! The 17-acre site will host everything from concert events and boundary-pushing shows to pulsing nightlife and art exhibitions!

Judson’s Live at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts presents a 2024 schedule of 50-minute performances from artists across numerous genres. These live music experiences take place in an intimate 150-seat cabaret-style space, and you can enjoy seasonal, shareable bites and specialty cocktails.

But, as wonderful as all these innovative and exciting developments are, we always like to remind you that, having come all the way to Florida, you should make time to actually SEE Florida. Our carefully curated Florida tours provide the perfect platform to enjoy the natural wonders of the state.

From coast to coast and old to new, there is an astounding variety of opportunities to explore beyond the main tourist areas and enjoy the other delights this region is known for, including fabulous beaches, state parks, wildlife, and wide, open spaces.

Why You Should Visit Central Florida During the Holidays

You don’t have to go far to experience the true splendor of the Sunshine State, and we have created tours like the Manatee Snorkeling at Crystal River and Real Wild Florida Adventure to take visitors right into the heart of this natural wonderland.

Check out our blog Planning Your 2024 Trip to Florida for even more local insights and advice.

Don’t Miss the Kennedy Space Center in 2024

And then there’s the Kennedy Space Center. One of THE most iconic locations and experiences anywhere in the world will be positively bustling with life and purpose in 2024, with more activity and rocket launches than ever before.

The ever-evolving Visitor Complex contains numerous new additions that continue to awe visitors, including Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex, featuring the Blue Origin Simulator, and the Hyperdeck VR Mission Moon experience in the IMAX building.

It also serves to emphasise just why we think our Kennedy Space Center Tour continues to be one of our most popular excursions. But we have no fewer than five ways to experience it, including our unique Space Center and Airboat Ride combo that offers both the full insight into the KSC and the chance to experience some of that natural side of our region.

If you’ve never sampled an airboat ride, it is a magnificent way to explore the Great Outdoors, with a craft that swiftly skims the surface of the waterways that make up much of Central Florida, affording a close-up of the wildlife along the way. Part thrill ride, part nature exploration, this experience appeals to young and old alike.

We’d go as far as to say that you haven’t really been to Florida until you’ve experienced that distinctive open-air roar that an airboat provides!

So, as 2024 unfolds, don’t forget that we have a whole array of possibilities to make your Orlando trip a true vacation sensation. Check out our Florida tours in and from Orlando for more inspiration, and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any help you need.

Be sure to ask about our Price Match Guarantee. We do our best to always offer the lowest price, but, if you find a lower qualified price for an identical tour on another site, we will be more than happy to match it.

And remember, Real Florida Adventures is here for YOU, our loyal customers, and we’re always ready to go that extra mile to ensure we’re providing the personal, professional service that is the bedrock of every great vacation. Check out our range of Private Tours for a more individual touch, or call us on 407-573-2535 to discuss how we can create the ideal tour for YOU.

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