What is the best time to visit Florida weather-wise?

Is there anything better than a holiday in the sun? We feel confident saying the answer is a hearty NO! At Real Florida Adventures, we’re always keen to welcome folks from around the world to our home city of Orlando. Here, the sun is almost always shining and the options for fun and adventure are plentiful. 

If you’re a fellow sun-seeker, you might be wondering when is the best time to visit Florida weather-wise so you don’t risk missing any of that excellent Vitamin D.

Florida is pretty much always a safe bet for good weather. But there are certain times of the year when you might prefer to come for your own personal preferences. We thought it would be helpful to offer some local insight and advice to make your Florida trip planning that much easier. 

When you do plan that trip, be sure to check out our tours from Orlando so you can see even more of this wonderful Sunshine State! And if you’re considering a trip for the whole brood, consider our guide to planning the ultimate Florida family vacation!

*Updated on 22/08/2023

Visit Florida in the Winter for an Escape!

A festive "snowman" on the beach

Visiting Florida in the winter is an excellent way to escape those cold winter blues up north! Every year, snowbirds flock to our shores seeking warmth and outdoor opportunities, both of which elude them for several months each year.

From New England to the Midwest, from the UK to Canada, folks flee those terrible temperatures for our far more comfortable clime. And we certainly can’t blame them!

In January, you can expect our average high temperature in Orlando to be around 72°F (22°C). The average low is around 51°F (10-11°C). That’s quite a comfortable time to come visit! Although some folks may find the ocean to be a bit too chilly for a casual dip in the depths of winter.

Visiting Orlando in winter is ideal for comfortable days spent exploring the theme parks and then taking day trips! We highly recommend the Kennedy Space Center during the winter months.

Visiting Florida in the Spring for School Vacations

Springtime brings plenty of family holidays as school breaks offer an opportunity to travel together. If you’re looking for a family holiday in Florida, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Of course, the Orlando theme parks are the obvious draw for so many families. But there is so much more beyond those parks to entertain and educate your kids.

Springtime is a delightful time in Florida weather-wise. Temperatures start climbing, with an average high in May of 88°F (31°C) and an average low of 69°F (20-21°C).

If you need a little more travel inspiration, read our blog about visiting Orlando for a perfect Spring Break!

Day Trip to Clearwater Beach with Seaside Lunch
Visit Clearwater Beach for fun in the sun

The summer humidity hasn’t yet arrived, but the daytime temperatures mean lots of fun when you visit Clearwater Beach!

If you’re seeking that sunny, sandy, flip-flop lifestyle, then springtime in Florida could be your perfect weather.

You Should Visit Florida in the Summer…But it’s HOT

There’s no denying it: Florida in the summer is HOT. And we’re not just talking about sun-on-your-face hot…we’re talking about sticky humidity hot. 

If you’re the type of person who loves beach days and water activities, air-conditioned condos, and cold cocktails at happy hour, then Florida in summer is right up your alley!

Just note that, if you don’t tend to love humidity, you may not feel quite as comfortable visiting Florida in the summer. In the Orlando area, our average daily high temperature in August is 91°F (33°C). And that can feel quite a bit higher when you add in the humidity.

Don’t fret! All our transportation for our day trips from Orlando is filled with that delightfully refreshing air conditioning to cool you down!

The Atlantis Space Shuttle in Kennedy Space Center
Enjoy air-conditioned attractions and transport on our day trips from Orlando

The other thing to note about Florida in summer is the increased potential for rainstorms. Afternoon passing storms and showers are quite common when the humidity is particularly high. In fact, June is our wettest month of the year in Florida.

Summer is also hurricane season in Florida, so there is always a chance of a bigger storm coming through. Orlando doesn’t tend to get hit directly with those storms very often (luckily). But we can still get some wind and rain of course.

Of course, you can never predict those far in advance, so we wouldn’t worry about a summer vacation being ruined! Just keep an eye on the forecast and expect some passing rain at some point – which can feel incredibly refreshing!

Head to Florida in Autumn for Quiet Holidays

Hurricane season continues through the end of summer and into autumn. Although hurricane season lasts for months, that doesn’t mean we have nonstop storms rolling through.

In fact, hurricane season also brings its own quiet, as most tourists have gone home and the snowbirds have yet to arrive. Floridians enjoy a little lull in the autumn as the kids are back in school and our top attractions are a bit quieter and calmer.

If that sounds like your dream come true – and you’re willing to risk some rainy weather, just in case – then visiting Florida in autumn could be the perfect choice for you.

Around Orlando, our average daily high temperature in November is 78°F (25-26°C). It’s such a comfortable temperature for enjoying outdoor and indoor activities all across the Sunshine State! For many, this is the perfect time to try our Clearwater Marine Aquarium & Beach Trip and our Boggy Creek Florida Airboat Ride.

So, when is the best time to visit Florida, weather-wise? 

Visit all year round and choose your Real Florida Adventure!

While we can’t speak for everyone’s preferences, we’d recommend May or October for warm temperatures and less chance of rain. 

We also recommend January through April (spring break excluded) for quieter theme parks coinciding with very comfortable temperatures. 

Or maybe you’re keen on beach days and working on that tan? Then, obviously, get here in the summer and hit the beach early in the morning!

As locals who live in Orlando and love it here, there’s just no wrong time to visit Florida to enjoy good weather. Come see for yourself! We’d love to welcome you on any of our tours, and if you’d like to make sure your time here is even more special, consider our range of private tours from Orlando. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!

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