10 Best Florida Beaches Recommended by Local Experts

When you think of Florida, it’s highly likely that one of the first images that comes to mind is a picture-perfect beach. Swaying palm trees, blue skies, white sand, and sparkling turquoise waters. Here in the Sunshine State, these beaches are scattered all over, so you’ll have plenty to choose from!

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We’re All Beachy Keen For Summer!

Award-Winning Siesta Key Beach Holds Huge Appeal

Located on Florida’s west coast, Siesta Key Beach is an incredibly wide beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. It’s famous for its impressive white sand which is more than 99% pure quartz. This means the beach stays cool even under the Florida sun. When you add the emerald green ocean waters lapping over this unique sand, it’s hard to think of a more picturesque scene.

And we’re not just biassed Florida lovers! Siesta Key Beach is a regular domestic and international award winner. In 2022, the beach was ranked the second best in the US and number 14 worldwide in the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards.

There’s no doubt that Siesta Key is one of the best beaches in Florida for families, couples, and just about anyone else looking for a fun time.

Take the Kids to the Shallow Waters at Clearwater Beach

Another beach on the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Beach has clear, shallow, and gentle waters, soft white sand, a playground, and a promenade for rollerblading and bike riding. While it’s a brilliant spot for relaxation-seekers of any age, it’s a magnet for families with young children.

Clearwater Beach is only a short distance from Tampa, so it’s easy to combine time swimming or lounging on the sand with some fun in the city.

Do you want to level up your Floridian experience? Then consider our Sea Screamer Clearwater Beach trip. The Sea Screamer is the world’s largest speed boat and it makes for an incredible way to explore both the sands and the water at Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach moody skies

Visit Florida’s Most Famous Beach: South Beach

Many destinations labeled as “most famous” don’t always live up to the billing — but South Beach doesn’t disappoint! It deserves the status as one of Florida’s best beaches. This 2.2-mile stretch of white sand in southeastern Florida is home to beautiful Art Deco buildings, a bustling nightlife scene, and high-rise hotels overlooking the beach. 

But don’t be fooled by the busy, over-developed image. There are plenty of quiet patches free of looming shadows and crowds. These make perfect places to simply relax or take a dip in the inviting waters.

Find a Slower Pace at Fort Lauderdale Beach

Sitting to the north of South Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach offers a slower, quieter beach-going experience. But this doesn’t come at the expense of options for fun things to do.

Restaurants and bars border this beautiful beach and there is plenty of nightlife along the ‘Strip’. For fans of water sports and activities, Fort Lauderdale is also a great location for jet skiing, scuba diving, and snorkelling. If you’re an avid snorkeller, check out even more great places for snorkelling in Florida.

In many respects, Fort Lauderdale Beach has a striking resemblance to its more famous neighbour, but with a more laid-back, unfussy, refined vibe.

Tourists Love the Scenery at Pensacola Beach

Up in North Florida you can find the gem that is Pensacola Beach. Renowned for its sugar-white sand and azure waters, there aren’t many better ways to just kick back, relax, and let your worries drift away.

The beach itself is on the barrier island of Santa Rosa which is easily accessible by road. An array of visitors travel to Pensacola Beach to make the most of its photogenic scenery and beach resort activities. From families on vacation to outdoor enthusiasts, and road trippers to destination wedding-seekers, there’s something for everyone here.

Find Peace and Quiet at Bowman’s Beach

Compared to some of Florida’s other best beaches, Bowman’s Beach is wonderfully undeveloped. This makes it one of the best beaches for couples and families looking for a quiet, peaceful getaway.

Located on Sanibel Island’s west coast, Bowman’s Beach is free of urban clutter, including hotels! So whether you’re a family, couple, shell collector, or birdwatcher, you need to plan ahead. If you’re a confident swimmer looking for your own slice of paradise, this secluded, pristine spot is one of the best beaches for swimming in Florida.

Bahia Honda Beach is the Jewel of the Florida Keys

If you plan to visit the Florida Keys on your trip, put Bahia Honda Beach on your list of must-see places.

Bahia Honda State Park lies where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to three spectacular beaches blessed with crystal-clear waters and dazzling white sand. But it’s not just the jaw-dropping vistas that attracts visitors to Bahia Honda Beach. Nature lovers also revel in the abundance of wildlife here, from tropical birdlife to dolphins and sea turtles.

Take a Day Trip from Orlando to Cocoa Beach

A short drive from Orlando, Cocoa Beach is world-renowned for its waves. It’s little surprise, then, that it’s a haven for surfers as much as families and road trippers. Cocoa Beach’s connection with surfing is further evident in the city’s Ron Jon Surf Shop, the largest surf shop in the world.

If you’re not looking to catch a wave yourself, this is still one of the best beaches in the USA to watch the experts at work, especially during annual surfing competitions. What’s more, Cocoa Beach lies just to the south of Cape Canaveral, making it a gateway for exploring Florida’s Space Coast. If you’re planning a trip here, find out everything you need to know with these FAQs about Kennedy Space Center.

Explore the Variety on Offer on Marco Island

Located to the south of Naples — which has a gorgeous beach of its own — Marco Island is a delightful mix of unspoiled habitats and high-end resorts. Boating is extremely popular here and the local restaurants serve up mouthwatering seafood at mealtimes.

Wide white-sand beaches line Marco Island’s western perimeter, over which Florida’s ubiquitous turquoise waters wash. At low tide, you can wade out to sandbars and collect all manner of sea treasures, including sand dollars.

Tigertail Beach park, toward the north of the island, has a popular tidal lagoon with calm waters ideal for paddleboarding. In the south, you’ll find some of Florida’s best beaches for family holidays.

Dog-Lovers (and Dogs) Head to Jupiter Dog Beach!

We saved something special for the last spot on this list. As you can tell from the entries above, Florida is truly spoiled when it comes to picture-postcard beaches. And while Jupiter scores highly in every respect, there’s a section that is one of Florida’s last remaining dog-friendly beaches.

Between Jupiter Beach’s crossovers #26 and #57, dog owners are welcome to let their furry friends off the lead. Of course, owners (and dogs) must abide by several strict rules to keep the beach safe, clean, and enjoyable for all. As such, you can expect to see obedient, social, and well-behaved pooches.

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